Business consulting

Adding value from the first conversation

Experienced in working with leadership teams on both a permanent and ad hoc basis, I can add value exactly when it is needed.  Clients in this area have included Dorset Orthopaedic, GroupH Management Consultancy, Tudor Reilly Communications, Complete Medical Group, BioEden and Care UK.

Examples of business or organisational consulting include:

  • Board scenario planning, counsel and communications leadership
  • Managing reorganisations and change
  • Business re-branding and marketing
  • Team leadership and development
  • Capability assessment, training and recruitment
  • Team reviews, structure and operations
  • Identification of team and process efficiencies
  • Development and implementation of best practice
  • Team and individual mentoring
  • Recruiting agencies and managing performance


Integrated Marketing Communications & Public Relations.

Adding value from the first conversation.