Consultancy business plan development

Case Study 1: Development of an agency business plan

The Challenge:
  • To assess the implications and potential value of new and social media to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and therefore of relevance to a Healthcare Corporate Communication Consultancy
  • To develop a recommended service offering around new and social media for this consultancy
  • Researched statistics, opinion and industry trends to develop Situation Analysis of Internet use and of Social Media – both generally and specifically in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector
  • Collated information and summarised key social media platforms of relevance to this brief
  • Researched and summarised global guidelines and regulations on use of Internet / Web 2.0 technology in pharmaceuticals
  • Summarised status of digital communication use among major pharmaceutical companies and key trends in pharmaceutical corporate communication
  • Developed proposal for company service offering that would align with existing services and expertise
  • Conducted evaluation of training requirements and investment
  • Management team updated on Web 2.0 and potential for use in pharmaceutical corporate communications
  • Company business plan developed for expansion into new and social media communication
  • Company development opportunity around new media established

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