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Insight from ‘the other side’.

19 December 2012. I like a challenge, as you may know.  “It’s about time I built some more NHS experience”, I thought to myself, as I rashly applied for a Lay Member role on the board of the new Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group and signed up to attend the Association of Healthcare Communications and Marketing (AHCM) conference.  It felt a …

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A day in the life….

Wednesday 13 June 2012 I realise that this may be of zero interest to many people.  Sorry about that, but you don’t have to read on! For those who may find it interesting (my accountant, my husband, and all others who have no idea what I do all day), do read on.  I was inspired to write this blog by …

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Do you believe what you read?

31 May 2012 I’ve frequently been frustrated reading reports in the media about health news.  They are almost always inaccurate in some way, and rarely communicate the context behind the news. Take today’s news for example, from (what a surprise) the Daily Mail:  “Don’t drink more than THREE glasses of wine a week” (31 May 2012).  If you take this …

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At last, a proper website!

17 May 2012 It’s only taken me the best part of two years fail miserably in creating and updating my own website, before I did something decisive about it.  I know, in the job I do, you’d have thought I would have done it before now – unfortunately I can only make the excuse that I’ve been so busy focusing …

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CAFT a Ceilidh

30 April 2012 This is not related to my business, but is a venture I am proud of so would like to share. On 10 March 2012, a small group of us organised a Scottish ceilidh at The Bowdon Rooms in Bowdon, Cheshire.  The event was fantastically supported by over 140 people,  many of whom had no idea what they …

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