Adding value from the first conversation

Marketing Communications

“We have all been very impressed and very pleased with the value that Julie added to our organisation and would confidently recommend her to others. She integrated the idea of our company into an overall branding concept very well and contributed many good strategic ideas to support our business development, reputation and communication that we plan to adopt over time. We intend to retain a working relationship with Julie and look forward to have her as part of the team advising on and contributing to our corporate communication activities.”
Erik Holzinger, Founding Partner, GroupH.

“During the course of our project, Julie has consistently exceeded expectations in the strategic and operational guidance she has provided Dorset Orthopaedic. Julie has added significant value in all aspect of Dorset Orthopaedic’s communication strategy from PR to website and marketing collateral development. Julie developed a detailed understanding of the prosthetic/orthotic industry in a very short space of time which allowed her to add value very quickly. If you are looking for Strategic Communication Consultancy which is flexible, personable and good value, I would highly recommend Julie Saunders.”
Ryan Wooller, Commercial Director, Dorset Orthopaedic Ltd.

Communications Leadership

“Julie brings the very highest levels of diplomacy, discretion and empathy to sensitive mentoring and counseling roles, meeting the needs and protecting the interests of both employers and mentees in equal measure. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Julie again for such assignments.”
Martin Kirkup, Marketing Director, Care UK

“Julie has made a tremendous contribution to the re-shaping of the Communications organisation in Global Marketing. She is a highly talented Communications professional with a wealth of experience. She is a sound strategic thinker and has a great ability to provide clarity and guidance in many different situations. The quality of her work is excellent and she has quite an amazing work rate. In addition to having real respect for her abilities and talents, she is a real pleasure to work with.”
Louise Fairburn, Global Strategic Communications Director, AstraZeneca

“I have worked with Julie both as a colleague, and consultant. I truly value her counsel. The brief was to create greater alignment and consistency in my team during a changing business environment. The outcome was very clear, with agreed priorities, and brought the whole team together. I would highly recommend her. Her approach was professional, collaborative and very thorough. She was insightful and delivered excellent work.”
Janet Milton-Edwards, Head of UK Communications, AstraZeneca

Pharmaceutical communications

“Julie is an outstanding strategic thinker, she has a complete understanding of the healthcare industry and combines this with an ability to provide clarity and guidance. Julie is a pleasure to work with, she responds immediately to any challenge and I would highly recommend her”
Maggie Malpas-Spencer, Managing Director, Jango Communications Ltd.

“Julie is a highly professional communications consultant who knows the Pharma industry very well indeed. She is a good strategic thinker, she tackles projects quickly and efficiently, and I know I could always depend on Julie to do a great job.”
Suzie Denton, Head of Complete Clarity, McCann Complete Medical Group.

Public Relations

“Outstanding PR professional – strategic thinker, excellent knowledge and skills, high level of commitment and energy and results focussed. I’d employ Julie in a flash!”
Helen Mills, Director External Relations, Amgen International.

“As well as being an experienced and top-notch communicator, Julie is a real team player who can lead projects to successful conclusion bringing all the players along with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Julie to anyone wishing to bring to their organisation true communications expertise.”
Carrie Deverell, Communications Director, Amgen International

Digital and Innovation

“Julie did a fantastic job analysing our digital marketing and communications service offering based on current and projected market need, and developed business plan scenarios with recommendations for best approach. Julie has great industry insight and understanding combined with a highly proactive and personable style. I’d love to work with her again. Highly recommended.”
Howie Jones, Creative Director, Complete Medical Group

“Julie offers a strong combination of communication and business expertise with rare in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. Her work encouraged us to embrace online innovation across our business. I would certainly recommend her.”
Julie Walters, Managing Director, Tudor Reilly Corporate Communications.

Integrated Marketing Communications & Public Relations.

Adding value from the first conversation.