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Do something different in 2014

Happy new year!

Do something different

As we all reawaken our groggy souls from the excess and hibernation of the last couple of weeks, it’s hard work to be committed as we consider what we’ll do differently in 2014.  Let’s face it, we all set resolutions, objectives or plans at this time of year, but whether or not they come to fruition depends on how realistic and practical they are.  I sound terribly negative in saying this – but we all know it’s true!

In a business environment, what does this mean?  Annual objectives are set, but the support and practicality of how to achieve them is often not thought through.  I see many situations where the best counsel is asking ‘Why are you doing that?’.  Too often, marketing tactical plans or even strategies have very little correlation with the objectives that have been set at the outset.

So my challenge is this:  set your marketing objectives, carefully align your strategy, then tailor and prioritise your activities to achieve these.  You may find that this results in altering your strategy, undertaking different marketing tactics, or using different channels.  Don’t shy away from this – this is the mechanism for standing out!  It is also likely to deliver better Return on Investment than throwing budget at activities that will not deliver against your objectives.  While you’re at it, INTEGRATE.  There is no better way to maximise results than considering ways of aligning activities, milestones and communications.  But that will be subject of another blog soon.

So – do something different – be brave, challenge the status quo and make 2014 stand out.   Oh – and if you need a helping hand, you know where I am!


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