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Wednesday 13 June 2012

I realise that this may be of zero interest to many people.  Sorry about that, but you don’t have to read on!

For those who may find it interesting (my accountant, my husband, and all others who have no idea what I do all day), do read on.  I was inspired to write this blog by Peter Llewellyn at MedComms Networking, who is running an initiative called ‘A Day in the Life of MedComms’ today.  While my work is not all medical communications, it probably takes up the majority of my assignments, and as someone who works independently as a consultant, I thought I would share a typical day with the outside world.

7am:  My day starts with the most difficult task, so it’s not an easy time b.c. (before caffeine).  My children, aged 7, 6 and 2, have an amazing immune response to weekdays, and need extensive cajoling and patient nagging (or just the latter, which can deteriorate into impatient shouting) to wake up, get up, breakfasted and ready for the day.  On Wednesdays my husband is in London, so I am single-handed as I go through the process, desperately trying to finish my coffee throughout.

8 – 9am: It can take a crazy quarter of an hour to get out the door, but today it’s even more important to get in the car promptly, as I need to drop the youngest at nursery before getting the older two to school.  Complete with changing bags, dance kit, football kit and reading books, we get there, just in time for me to drive 30 minutes cross-country through the country lanes to a client’s office in Macclesfield.

10am: I need to be parked up by 9.30, as I have to check my emails and have a TC with another client at 9.45am.  I had sent through a multi-channel communications content plan for review, so I need to talk this through and agree next steps with him.

10.30am:  Client meeting to discuss my recommendations for a corporate marketing communications plan.  There are many actions that are pressing if they are to go ahead, so there is a need for some rapid agreement and assignment of responsibility.  As is always the case, we need to look not just at the short term, but also at medium-longer term opportunities for communicating too.

Midday:  Meeting finished, I drive back to my home office, where I grab some sustenance to keep me going back at my desk.  I catch up with emails and summarise the agreed action points from both the mornings TC and meeting.  I also do a few actions agreed, including updating the communications plan.

12 – 3pm:  I have a couple of teleconferences tomorrow which I need to prepare for.  The first will be with an agency and pharmaceutical client who I’ve been working with on a professional group audit.  We need to align responsibilities and agree next steps.  The other TC will be with a contact I’ve been connected with who may be a potential future partner or collaborator.  As they work in the NHS management consultancy field, I’m keen to build bridges in this area, so I create a summary of all areas where I think we could mutually support each other.

3 – 4.30pm:  More email follow-up, as well as forcing myself to check on my business admin.  It’s easy to lose site of the management side of the business by devoting time to clients, and I need to finalise my accounts and check my  social media, which I rely on strongly in building my profile and communicating about what I do.  I also send a summary of my day to MedComms Networking as my contribution to his catalogue of events across the sector.  I’m not sure I should have sent this photo, but I hadn’t played with Photo Booth before and it seemed a little more interesting than a boring picture of me at my desk.

4.30 – 6pm:  I revert to ‘Mum’.  Back in the car to pick up children from school and drop at Rainbows and football before making dinner and dealing with whatever I have to deal with at the end of a child’s busy day.

Evening:  I try to banish myself from wine mid-week, which can be a little tiresome.  However, it is also necessary, as I have to check emails again and finalise work which I wanted to have completed today.

Tomorrow begins with a TC at 8.30am, and I’ve still not started on the washing yet:)

Thanks for reading!




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