Adding value from the first conversation

A Reflection on 2011

30 March 2012

With my head slowly emerging out the sand to review the past year, I am coming to realise that 2011-12 has been my most stimulating and busy year since setting up my consulting business.

From stem cells to anti-infectives, oncology to team mentoring, agency brainstorming to website launches, company marketing to pitch support, communication plans to team development and reviews and (deep breath) issues management protocols to internal communications – it’s been a whirlwind.  I’ve probably forgotten something too.  The variety and depth of challenge of this work is fantastic, and I am proud of the unique spectrum of expertise that it enables me to offer.

The last year has appeared significant in another way too: companies appear to be more willing and able to parachute in consulting support to complement teams over acute phases of work.  While this is an unfortunate reflection of unstable times, it shows that working independently isn’t necessarily a vulnerable career move in this environment.  Any consultant worth their salt will know that there is never any room for complacency.  However, if you delight your clients, there is a significant opportunity for consultants to add value to businesses by helping to provide business-critical support when limited resource exists in-house, as well as help clients to operate with greater efficiency and focus.

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Adding value from the first conversation.