Strategic marketing communications

Adding value from the first conversation

Integrated marketing communications underpins my approach to all work, as I strongly believe that it is only possible to achieve the best results by minimising silos and maximising opportunities.  In this economic climate, this is also beneficial as it enforces efficient working, thus minimising use of resources.  While I can focus on specific communications or PR briefs, it is often useful to look at the bigger picture to ensure that marketing communications as a whole are appropriate for the audiences to be engaged with and the channels they use.

Recently I have delivered results for clients such as Care UK, AstraZeneca, GroupH, Dorset Orthopaedic, BioEden and the Complete Medical Group.  I have also provided counsel to SMEs based at Daresbury Science and Innovation Park and local start-ups based in my local community.

Examples include:

  • Communication strategies
  • Marketing communications plans
  • Integrated marketing recommendations
  • Prioritisation and marketing efficiencies
  • PR strategy development
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Advocacy strategies and plan development
  • Key message development
  • Multi-channel planning
  • Digital communications
  • Website frameworks and copy development

Integrated Marketing Communications & Public Relations.

Adding value from the first conversation.